SZ-30 Generator

  • Equipment Type

    Fuel Type
    Vapor Propane, Natural Gas

  • Zenith Engine Model ZPP NA 428
  • AC, Single Bearing direct coupled Alternator with Class ‘H’ insulation, Sized for 130°C Temperature Rise
  • Control Panel with Auto-Start -Stop Basler DGC-2020
  • Engine and Alternator mounted to aluminum base on vibration isolators
  • Radiator sized for 120°F ambient clearance
  • Thermostatically controlled Jacket Water Heater
  • High Coolant Temp., Low Oil pressure safety shutdowns
  • Dry Type Air Cleaner
  • 12-VDC Starter, Engine mounted Battery Charging Alternator, Battery Cables and Rack along with Grounding Strap
  • Battery Charger—6 Amp
  • Complete set owner/operator, engine, alternator and accessory manuals

  • Microprocessor Based, Navigation key with large LCD display
  • Event Recording
  • Transfer Switch Control (main failures)
  • SAE J1939 CANBUS Communication
  • Multilingual Capability
  • Suitable for Rental application
  • Remote Communication capability

Operational features:

  • Alternator Protection: under/over voltage, under/over frequency and Over Load
  • Engine Protection: Low oil pressure, High coolant temperature,Over speed & over crank, Sender Unit failure, Fuel Leak / Fuel sender Failure, Battery Charger Failure
  • All protections are programmable as Alarms or Pre-alarms
  • Operating Power: Nominal 12-24 Vdc
  • Consumption 14.2W run Mode
  • Metering ( ample range ): Volts, Current, Hz, Watts, VA, Pf Oil Pressure, Coolant Temperature, RPM, DC Volts, Fuel Level, Engine running time
  • Engine Control with Timers
  • External remote start input (on or off load)
  • 16 programmable contact inputs
  • 4 Contact outputs